Best Password Managers 2018 for Desktop and Android

Best Password Managers software 2018 - Keep your accounts with you everywhere

Best Password Managers 2018

With all these sites that require subscription or registration, you find yourself needed to remember all these accounts with their passwords.

Do you remember all of these different passwords? of course not, you can’t remember all these different, long and complex passwords for each one in your busy mind or you just use the same simple password for all of your accounts.

Even with these sites that makes registration on it easy by login with your email or social media account, you’ll lost in a dozens of registered emails passwords.

If you have a Password Manager, you won’t need to remember any of these different passwords.

Instead, the Password Manager will remember each password for you, Increasing your security and the only password you’ll need to remember is a single master password of the Password Manager itself.

Protect yourself from Hackers

Hackers these days cross a list of weak passwords with a list of important accounts trolling for any information that let them guess passwords.

If they hacked your account, you could lose your important data, worth you may lose your money.

Worse, if you use the same simple password or that complex one for other accounts, the hackers could take control of your private emails, financial accounts and social media.

Essentially, you can protect yourself from all this by creating a strong, complex and unique password and using it for each site.

Password Generators

Particularly if you want to use strong password and you can’t create it, your Password Manager will generate strong and complex passwords for you using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, and store all of them in an encrypted vault.

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How Password Managers work?

Most Password Managers fills stored credentials automatically, it’s just a small step for them to automatically fill in your personal data on Web forms like first and last name, email address, phone number, and so on.

Most of the top rated Password Managers include a component to fill Web forms.

The flexibility of their personal data collections vary, as does their accuracy when matching Web form fields with the stored items. Even if they miss some fields, they fill the important ones to you.

Once you’re logged into the Password Manager with your Master Password, it will automatically fill your username and password each time you visit a site that requires them

Some Password Managers store your encrypted login info locally on your hard drive, while others will upload it to their own servers, so you can access them everywhere you’ll be online.

Best Password Managers 2018 for Desktop & Android

01. LastPass

Best Password Managers 2018 for desktop & android

LastPass comes in two different versions: Free and Premium, Either will generate passwords and store any number of different logins in an encrypted and secure vault that’s protected by a master password with multi-factor authentication for more security.

The free version offers secure storage for text notes, syncing of credentials across different browsers and access to your secure vault from any desktop or android devices via LastPass.

Also, It will deny auto-fill forms on known phishing websites.

If you decide to switch to another password manager product, you can simply export your data at any time.

The premium version of LastPass  adds secure cloud storage for files, provides advanced multi factor authentication, and the ability to setup a contingency plan so you can access your accounts in an emergency situations.

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02. Dashlane

Best Password Managers 2018 for desktop & android

Dashlane has almost features of LastPass, in addition, It has incredibly intuitive and simple interface.

Also it has a tool that changes your passwords on hundreds of websites simultaneously, a recently added fully interactive website interface, and new support for Chrome OS and Linux.

It provides one-click password generation, World-Class Data Protection, ease of use and the ability to store notes for future reference.

It has also browser plugins and supports Mac OS and Android devices. The premium version of Dashlane includes unlimited features, sharing and syncing.

The best Dashlane feature is its password changer, which can reset dozens of your passwords at once, saving your time.

The password manager is also well designed and possibly the best at filling out your personal information in online forms.

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03. Keeper

Best Password Managers 2018 for desktop & android

Keeper offers a wide range of supported devices and browsers, along with a variety of strong multi-factors authentication methods.

Also it’s a fast and full-featured password manager, it has a robust web interface design, stores files and documents of any type.

It also restricts access your data to geographic area and specific regions in the world, so access outside those regions is not available, also the data isn’t stored in those regions.


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