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How to Convert ESD or SWM to WIM Without tools

How to Convert .ESD & .SWM files to .WIM

Sometimes you had an issue with the new Windows images specially Windows 10 image or Windows 7 ISO with updates Integrated which has the install source file with ESD extension, while in Windows 7 and 8.1 the WIM extension used for the install source file.

In this tutorial you will know how to convert ESD or SWM files to WIM file and update your Windows ISO.

The Advantages of Converting to WIM file

What is WIM file

WIM is a file-based disk image format introduced in Windows Vista. WIM files are compressed packages containing a number of related files. The format of a WIM file is optimized for maximum compression or just uncompressed.

Microsoft started using the WIM files from Windows Vista to Windows 7. WIM files can contain multiple disk images, which are referenced by their index number or by their unique name.

A WIM can also be split into multiple parts of the same install.wim, which have the .SWM extension.

What is ESD file

Microsoft Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is an encrypted and compressed file contained the usual WIM installation file (install.wim) which includes all files needed for Windows installation.

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Let’s Start ↓↓↓

Convert ESD to WIM

  1. Mount your Windows ISO file (Power ISO Recomended).
  2. Locate the Install.esd file or Install.swm in (X:\Sources\) in your Windows ISO file then copy it to a New Folder (In my example D:\wims).
    Note: If you’ve install.swm, copy all files with extention .swm (install.swm, install2.swm, install3.swm) to the Folder you’d created.
  3. Run Command Prompt as Administrator.
  4. Go to wims folder root by typing the following command:
    cd D:\wims
  5. You need to know the Index number for the correct Windows version you want to install, Just type this command in Command Prompt:
    dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:install.esd
    Convert ESD to WIM
    Power ISO
  6. To convert .ESD file, Type the following command:
    dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:5 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity
    Convert ESD & SWM to WIM
    Power ISO
  7. To convert .SWM files, Type the following command:
    dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:install.swm /swmfile:install*.swm /sourceindex:5 /destinationimagefile:install.wim
    Convert SWM to WIM
    Convert SWM & ESD to WIM
  8. Open your Windows ISO file using Power ISO to Update your new install.wim file, Delete the install.esd file or install*.swm files.Convert ESD to WIMConvert ESD to WIM
  9. Drag and drop the new install.wim to Sources folder into Windows ISO file, then Save your Windows ISO.Convert ESD to WIM

Now, you have Windows ISO with install.wim which let you deploy it over MDT, WDS or even ImageX tool.


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