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How to Install Multiple Windows on One PC

Install windows 7, 8.1 and 10 on VHD

Normally, any PC or laptop has one operating system, for some reasons maybe you want to have another operating system ( Multiple Windows ) on your computer or laptop but you don’t know how to install it.

Even if you know how to do that, you want to avoid any problem maybe arise while you’re working on it.

Also, You can Install another Operating systems on the same PC like Linux or Mac OS for PC, not Only a Windows.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install another Windows on your PC, You will install windows 7, 8.1 and 10 on VHD (Virtual Hard Drive).

The Advantages of Multiple Windows on One PC

  • Open programs and games that doesn’t work on your current windows cause of compatibility issues.
  • Test new programs and drivers.
  • Used for some maintaining and fixing operations.

An Overview of The Process

  1. Windows 7 or higher is running on your computer and have administrative access ( I’ll perform this process from Windows 10 ).
  2. Create a VHD file (Virtual Hard Drive) and format it.
  3. Mount the ISO file of Windows you have on you Hard Drive, or Windows DVD inserted in your Optical Drive or just have the source files available.
  4. ImageX tool which will be used to install the additional Windows.
  5. Command Prompt opened as Administrator.
  6. Add the new installation to the boot menu and This will be the last step.

Note: ImageX tool uses ( wim ) like in Windows 7, In Windows 8.1 & 10 the (esd) file and (swm) file has been used. However, Firstly you will have to convert install.esd or install.swm files to wim file. Learn more about How to convert ESD or SWM files to WIM file.

Let’s start. ↓↓

Create Virtual Hard Drive (VHD)

  1. Open “Computer Management” → Right Click on Computer → Manage.Step1-Install-Multiple-Windows
  2. Right Click on “Disk Management”, Then click on “Create VHD”.Install Multiple Windows
  3. Choose where the VHD save location will be, Type the VHD size and Set the Virtual Hard Disk Format to “Dynamically Expanding”, then click OK.
  4. Now, the new VHD is Created, automatically attached and visible in Disk Management console.Install-Multiple-Windows
  5. Right click on the new Disk and select “Initialize Disk” to Initialize the disk as MBR.Install-Multiple-Windows
  6. Create and format a simple volume then Click OK.
    Windows will automatically assigns a drive letter to the new volume ( F: in my example ).Install-Multiple-Windows
  7. Done, Your VHD is now ready for the new Windows installation.

Mount ISO File of Windows

Mount the ISO of Windows so it will be available as drive ( E: in my example ) or just insert Windows DVD in your Optical Drive.

(⭐ How to Fix  “You Do Not Have Permission To Access”  Network Error ⭐)

Start ImageX Tool

ImageX is a command-line tool used to capture, Edit and export an operating system installation image to a Windows Imaging Format (WIM) file.

  1. Download ImageX.
  2. Run Command Promp as Administrator and go to the directory in which ImageX.exe is located (makes it simple by moving it to root directory ( in my example C:\imagex.exe ).Install Multiple Windows

Note: If your Windows ISO or DVD has multiple Windows images for several Windows versions like Windows 7 Home Basic, Ultimate, Enterprise, etc.,

So, you have to know the Index for the correct Windows version you want to install. To do this, Type this command in Command Prompt:

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:F:\sources\install.wim
Install Multiple Windows

Install Windows to VHD

In the command prompt, Type the following command:

imagex.exe /apply E:\sources\install.wim 4 F:\

This command essentially means: install ( Apply ) Windows 7 from the install.wim file located in the sources directory which is ( F:\sources ) and selecting the 4th OS instance ( 4 ) in the WIM file which is Ultimate Edition and installing it to drive ( E:\ ) which is the attached VHD.
Install Multiple Windows

Add The New Installation to Boot Menu

Once the process is completed, You need to add the new installation which located now on the VHD file ( Drive F:\ ) to Boot Menu, so you can choose it to boot after restarting your PC.
Use the following command in Administrative Command Prompt to add the installation to Boot Menu:

bcdboot E:\windows
Install Multiple Windows

When you boot to the new installation for the first time, Windows will detect your devices and install the appropriate drivers and then will reboot again.

Upon reboot, you will asked to configure Language, time and currency format, user account, computer name, etc,. just like a normal windows installation.Multiboot Windows

Now, You have an additional windows 7 on your PC.

Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 Installation

You can use the same steps to install another windows 10 or 8.1, Just convert the install.esd to install.wim to be able to use ImageX tool.

Also, You can perform the same process of ImageX to install Additional Windows to another Partition on your Hard Drive instead of the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD).


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