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How to Recover Lost Partitions using DiskGenius

How To Recover formatted and lost Partitions on and Internal or External HDD

One day, I got an idea to resize my HDD Partitions. The idea was to move all data to one partition of three and combine the other two partitions into a big space one, “Wow that’s great idea” i said, I had some third party partition manager, let’s do it!.
After few minutes later “What’s just happened? Where’s my first partition? OMG!!“. I realized that the only partition which contain all of my data including the very important data just disappeared! what a disaster is this!

As usual, I spent many hours on Google to find any good solution to recover my lost data and all of it didn’t make any good result.|
Finally, after many failed tries to get the lost data, a friend suggested to try DiskGenius.

Using DiskGenius was like a magic, from the first use i found all of my old partitions, not all of it with good health to recover, but the last deleted one was available to recover safely.

I tried this solution using DiskGenius after almost 3 weeks since i lost my partition! 

In this tutorial, You will learn how to recover formatted or lost partitions using DiskGenius.

Main factors of lost partitions

  1. Accidental delete.
  2. Errors arise when using third party partition managers.
  3. A virus infection which can lead to a lost partition.
  4. Data corruption on the partition.
  5. Power failure which makes the partition is inaccessible and need to format.
  6. Bad sectors on the disk that may prevent the operating system from recognize your partition.

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Successful Data Recovery Factors

The Chances to recover data safely are not guaranteed at all times, it depends on many factors to success such as Time of deletion so it’s not too far for trying recover the lost data, Moving or coping data on the same drive after deletion may make data recovery chances less successful, also creating a new partition from the free space of lost partition which is not smart step at all, just leave it until you can find you lost partition.

Let’s Start ↓↓↓

  1. Run DiskGenius as Administrator (DiskGenius.cmd).How to Restore Lost Partitions
  2. Select the Disk you need to restore the deleted partition from, then click on “Rebuild” button.How to Restore Lost Partitions
  3. Set advanced Option to “Search all sectors”, then click “Start”.How to restore Lost Partitions
  4. When the program find the old partitions, it’ll ask you to reserve or ignore partition, just click on “reserve”.How to restore Lost Partitions
  5. When it’s done, Explore the founded disk to view your data to make sure it’s the correct partition.
  6. Select your partition and click “Save” from the menu to get the partition written to the disk’s partition table again.How to restore Lost Partitions
  7. That’s it.
In some cases you may find your recovered partition in Disk Management without Drive Letter, Just add a new drive letter to it.

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