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How to Replace Powershell with Command Prompt in Windows 10

How to Open Command Prompt in Windows 10

As you might know, Microsoft started to Replace PowerShell command-line to be used in windows 10 instead of the default Command Prompt or CMD in the previous versions of Windows.

Starting with the Creators Update for Windows 10 and later, You can no longer open the Command Prompt from the file Explorer’s Context Menu that appears when you hold down Shift key + Right Click which Microsoft has replaced it with PowerShell option.

However, This might not be a big deal for most users, but for those who want the old Command Prompt back, we’re going to show you how to replace PowerShell and open Command Prompt CMD.

Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt In Windows 10

There are many methods that you can use to replace powershell with Command Prompt in Windows 10, Here’s the best four methods to replace PowerShell with Command Prompt :

First Method: Open Command Prompt from Win+X Menu

Right Click on Start Menu or Press   Windows key + X   and then Choose Command Prompt.

Open Command Prompt

If you found Powershell instead of Command Prompt and probably it is, Follow the instructions below to Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt with Command Prompt.

  1. Right click on your taskbar and then click on Taskbar Settings.
    Open Command Prompt
  2. Find the option “Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell” and Turn it off.
    Open Command Prompt
  3. Done.

Second Method: Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in Explorer’s Context Menu

Open Command Prompt

If you want to open Command Prompt from a specific folder, Hold down Shift key + Right Click to open Explorer’s Context Menu and then Click “Open command window here”.

This method uses Registry Editor to edit Windows Registry, So if you are not familiar with Registry Editor, You probably wouldn’t need to replace PowerShell with CMD using this method. Instead, jump directly to the Third Method which is much easier.

By default, Microsoft has replaced PowerShell with Command Prompt in Windows 10, To restore the option “Open command window here”, Follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Registry Editor, simply by pressing   Windows Key + R   and Type Regedit.
    Open Command Prompt
  2. Copy and paste this address   Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell   to the address bar in the Registry Editor and press Enter.
    Open Command Prompt
  3. From the sidebar, find “cmd”,Right click on it and then select Permissions.
    Open Command Prompt
  4. From the Permissions Window, Click on Advanced.
    Open Command Prompt
  5. On the top of the Advanced Window, Click on Change which is next to the Owner field.
    Open Command Prompt
  6. In the input field, Type “Administrator” then click Check Names on the right side and then Click OK.
    Open Command Prompt
  7. Back to The Advanced Window, Mark on “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” then Click OK.
    Open Command Prompt
  8. Back in the Permissions window, select Administrators from the Group and user names section and Check Allow on Full Control, then Click OK to Apply changes.
    Open Command Prompt
  9. Now, from CMD container, Rename the DWORD value “HideBasedOnVelocityId” to be “ShowBasedOnVelocityId”.
    Open Command PromptOpen Command Prompt
  10. You may need to restart the Windows Explorer from the Task Manager to see the new changes, if necessary.
    Open Command Prompt
  11. Done.

Now, You will show both of “Open Powershell” and “Open Command Prompt” options on the Context Menu When you hold shift + Right Click in the Window Explorer.

Hide “Open PowerShell window here” from Explorer’s Context Menu

To Hide “Open PowerShell Window” from Explorer’s Context Menu, Follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow the Steps 1 → 8 from the previous instructions, except in the step 3, change the Permissions for “PowerShell” instead of  “CMD“.
  2. From Step 9, Rename the DWORD value “ShowBasedOnVelocityId” for “PowerShell“, to be “HideBasedOnVelocityId”.
    Open Command PromptOpen Command Prompt
  3. Again If necessary, you might need to restart Windows Explorer from the Task Manager.
  4. Done.

Now, You should no longer see the “Open PowerShell window here” option in the context menu.


Third Method: Open Command Prompt directly from File Explorer

There is another way (hidden way) to open Command Prompt for a specific directory.
Open Command Prompt

When you’re opening a file directory, select the path in Windows Explorer as shown below.
Open Command Prompt

Remove this path, then type “cmd” and press Enter to open the Command Prompt in that folder.
Open Command Prompt

Now, that was really easy!


Fourth Method: Open Command Prompt from Run

The last method that you can use to open Command Prompt is by using Windows Run, Simply hold down   Windows Key + R  to open Windows Run, then type CMD and press Enter.

To open Command Prompt as Administrator, hold   Ctrl + Shift + Enter  Also you can pin the Command Prompt to your taskbar for future using quickly.


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