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How to Speed up Windows 10 Boot

How to Make Windows 10 Startup Faster

Windows 10 users have a series issues with their windows startup. Even with SSD Hard Drives used today, The numbers of Programs and Services loaded with Windows startup that make Windows run smoothly, all of these Services slow down your computer and delay windows boot time.

With these simple tricks in your Windows, you can speed up your windows boot time. It’s very effective and has an excellent results of making windows boot faster.

Turn on Fast Startup in Windows 10

  1. Open “Settings” → Then “System”.
  2. On the Left List, Click on “Power & Sleep” → Then Click on “Additional Power Settings”.
  3. Click on “Choose what the power button do”.
  4. Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.
  5. Make sure that the Option “Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended)” is marked.

Configure Boot Advanced Options

  1. Open “Run”, And Type “msconfig”.
  2. From “Boot”, Click on “Advanced Options”.
  3. Mark on “Number of Processors”, And set it to maximum cores available.
  4. Mark on “Maximum Memory”, And set it to maximum Memory available on your Windows.
  5. Click “OK” & then “Exit without Restart”.

Disable Startup Services

  1. Open “Run”, And Type “msconfig”.
  2. From “Services” tap, Mark on “Hide all Microsoft services”. You’ll notice that many services are disappear and the only Installed Drivers and Programs services is still appears.
  3. Click on “Disable all” button, Then Click “OK”.
    You can keep the most important services like Antivirus Software and VGA Driver to startup with Windows to avoid any issues that may arise.
  4. Click on “Apply”.

Disable Startup Programs

Windows users used to find “Startup Programs” in the System Configuration Panel until Windows 8 is released with Many various changes included “Startup Programs” which placed in “Task Manager” instead of its original location in System Configuration Panel.

To disable unnecessary programs that run with Windows startup which make Windows boot slow, Follow these steps.

1- From the same “System Configuration” panel, Click on “Startup” tap, And then Click on “Open Task Manager” link.

2- Right click on any Programs that you see it’s unnecessary to load with windows boot and click on “Disable”.

Unfortunately there’s no option to disable all programs at once, Therefore you have to disable all programs individually.

After all these simple steps, You had cleaned the Windows Boot from unnecessary programs that run during Windows startup Which slow down.

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