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How to Uninstall Kaspersky Completely & Reset Free Trial – Without Tools

How to Completely Uninstall Kaspersky 2018 & Reset Trial After Expiration Date

Kaspersky is the most powerful antivirus software in the world for years used by millions of users, Most PC users in the world uses kaspersky antivirus to secure there devices using free trial version of kaspersky, Which works for 30 days only then they will have to buy the premium version to continue use the program.

After the trial expiration date, there’s a solution to reset trial period by uninstalling and reinstalling the program again, But this’s not working with latest kaspersky products.

So, what if the free trial version can be a lifetime version? It’s really could be.

In this tutorial and you’ll learn how to uninstall kaspersky completely and reset trail period again even after expiration date.

How to Uninstall Kaspersky Completely 2018

To Completely uninstall kaspersky products from your PC, follow the instructions bellow:

Step 1 (Uninstall Kaspersky):

  1. From Start Menu, Open Control Panel.
    In Windows 10, Open Settings then Programs and Features.
  2. Open Programs and Features then Uninstall or Change a program.
    Uninstall Kaspersky Completely
  3. Search for Kaspersky products such as KIS, KAV, Secure Connection, etc. and uninstall it all, Unmark all saving objects settings.
  4. Restart your PC

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Step 2 (Registry Edit):

  1. After Restart, Open Registry Editor  Windows + R   and type Regedit.
    Uninstall Kaspersky Completely
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSystemCertificatesSPC.
    Uninstall Kaspersky Completely
  3. Delete Certificates Folder.
  4. Restart your PC.
  5. Done.

Kaspersky Reset Trial without tools

You can install kaspersky products 2018 with a free trial for 30 days again when your free trial period is expired.

  1. Follow the previous instructions carefully to uninstall Kaspersky products.
  2. Download Kaspersky free trial version from official website of Kaspersky or just install it again from the same installer file that you used before.

Note: It’s important to create a registry backup specially for certificates folder before deleting it, in case of any problems that may arise with any premium applications and programs on your PC, so you can restore it easily.

Backup & Restore Registry Settings

You can create a backup for all Registry settings or just for a specific setting or key in windows registry.

To make a registry backup, Follow this simple instructions:

Uninstall Kaspersky Completely

  1. Open Run and type regedit to Open Registry Editor.
  2. Right click on Computer then click on Export to create a backup from all registry settings,
    Or just go to your desired setting folder inside registry then right click and click on Export.
  3. Choose where you want to save the backup file, then click Save.
  4. Done.

To restore your registry settings from a backup file with extension .reg:

  1. Right click on the backup file ( .reg), then click on Merge.
  2. Click Yes to Approve continue to Registry Editing.
  3. Done.


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