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How to Fix “You Do Not Have Permission To Access” Network Error

How to Fix Sharing Error "You Do Not Have Permission To Access"

“You do not have permission to access, Contact your network administrator to request access”
This error message will appear when you try to access a specific shared folder on your network, Even when you’re a Homegroup member, This annoying error deny you from read or write any data from or to this shared folder.

You Do Not Have Permission To Access

Why do you have this error?

The main factor and the only reason for this error is File system Permissions, either Security and sharing permissions.

When you try to share any folder over network, you’re sharing the folder with default permissions which is set to allow “everyone” to only read “copy” from this shared folder.

But this “Everyone” group does not have any permissions on the folder’s security permission.

So, If you want to resolve this error and allow network users to read from and write to this shared folder, you will have to modify either Security and sharing permissions options.

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Modify Security Permissions

First step to resolve “You do not have permission to access” error is to verify the folder security permissions is allow Everyone group to read and write first.

If you didn’t find this permission to Everyone Group and it’s probably didn’t set, you have to modify and add a permission to allow read and write.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. From folder’s properties → Right click on the folder and click on Properties.
  2. Open Security tap.
  3. Under Group or user names, Click on Add.
  4. Click on Advanced, Then click Find Now.
  5. In Search result, Choose everyone, Or just type Everyone in the blank space and click Check names.
  6. Then click OK and you will back again to security tap.
    You Do Not Have Permission To Access
  7. Select everyone from Group or user names,Then from Permission for everyone, mark on Modify and click OK and Apply to Properties.
  8. Done.

Note: If you want network users to read or Copy only from your shared folder, Mark the permission Read & execute from Permission for Everyone.

Finally, Make sure that sharing permissions is the same like security permissions to avoid permissions conflict that will apply the most restrictive permissions.

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